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Palette provides dietary recomendations for you and you only.

Palette AI takes your diabetes into account to derive glycemic responces.

Palette learns from your dietary behavior and adjusts itself to suit you.

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Full Nutrition

Palette tracks all nutritional data so you can monitor what you want and only what you want.

Easy to Understand

Palette visually represents data. It's simple, easy, and accurate.

Dietary Trends

Palette lets you see your progress towards your nutrient goals.

Behavior Tracking

Palette learns from your dietary trends to recommend new foods for you to try.
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Physician Integration

We are working with multiple physicians to incorporate Palette Platform into hospitals so doctors have live access to your dietary information.

Third Party APIs

Apple Healthkit is already built into Palette App, and we are currently working to include your Fitbit's data and other third party APIs for a fuller user experience.

Trainers and Dietitians

Your trainers and dietitians will be able to work with Palette Platform to give you informed nutritional recommendations.

Eating Out

We are recruiting healthy restaurants and caterers to the Palette Certification Program so you have healthy options when eating out.

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Expand Our Ecosystem

Whether you are a gym owner, dietitian, or physician, we are looking to expand our platform to help you and your clients.

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